Interview Mastery

Interview Mastery is a program, newsletters, CDs and other media designed to give the audience a competitive edge through the interview process. The Interview Mastery Series is available at We have compiled some of the materials available that were relevant to our firm’s candidates. (Our firm does not profit from the sales of the program but we make our candidates aware of tools to improve their interviewing skills.) Our compilation covers the topics/article reprints listed below.


Three keys to interview success

Five interview tips.

Six interview mistakes.

A career changer’s interview adventure.

Changing careers or industries.

What is the Company Culture and how to find the right place for you.

Emotional preparation for interviews.

Getting feedback you can use immediately.

Handling illegal interview questions.

How not to sell yourself during a job interview.

If you’re not ready when they call, it’s too late.

Laid off—describing the reasons you’re looking.


You’re over-qualified.

Questions you ask during the interview.

What’s your current (most recent) salary?

Does your resume sparkle?

2nd interviews and 1st interviews.

A student’s interviewing adventure.

Tell me about yourself.”

What are your weaknesses?

Why did you leave your last position?

You talk too much.