Our Mission

Sales Recruiters Chicago, Inc. was founded in 1988 with a mission to recruit, screen, evaluate, interview, and present qualified sales people to our clients. Over the past 19 years, we have found that specializing in sales recruitment allows us to better serve our clients’ staffing requirements.

Today, SRC provides a full range of recruiting and selection services to hundreds of clients designed to meet a myriad of needs. Our clientele represents many areas; some of them are: industrial, software, hardware, medical, services, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, and business products.

We place candidates from diversified backgrounds and experiences from entry level to sales representatives, from
account executives to product managers and from sales engineers to vice presidents.

We look forward to continuing to serve those companies who view sales people as a valuable asset to their organization.

Sales Recruiters Chicago, Inc. is a specialist in the recruitment of outside and inside sales professionals from
entry to executive level.

This website is a sales recruitment and placement tool for those interested in professional sales positions and for employers looking to hire sales professionals.

SRC provides traditional employee recruitment as well as creative retention and training services. We work closely
with clients to provide uniquely customized solutions for maintaining the highest quality staff.


Our Philosphy

“We place people, not paper. We have a hands-on approach where we implement world class practices. Our methodology is called “Intelligent Hiring Practices.” We believe in hiring the right people the first time! Companies hire people to grow, compete and offer new services; to grow their top line and increase their profits. In our experience, we have found that one who raises trivial objections over the cost of hiring a salesperson, who delivers 150 of quota, is one generally not aligned with operational priorities. Finding and retaining talent is critical to any organization’s success.”

We take a more pro-active approach in a candidate’s search for career opportunities. After reviewing a given candidate’s credentials, we emphasize meeting the candidate in person. This allows us to better discover the skills, personality and objectives in acquiring a sales position. This also gives the candidate the opportunity to meet us, the recruiters. This is a part of our core culture and values.