Recruiting Services

How is Sales Recruiters Chicago, Inc. different than other sales recruiting firms? We offer a mix of services that includes a life-cycle methodology that aligns recruiting with sales and addresses every step of a successful hiring practice. Each phase of this methodology addresses a critical step in finding, assessing, hiring and retaining your top salespeople.

Recruiting Support

We offer three primary approaches to conducting recruiting assignments which are set forth by your recruiting needs:

• High-volume, long-term hiring and turnkey process management.
• Single hire, high-level position.
• Low-volume, immediate to short-term hiring window.
• Outsource Recruiting.
• Retained Recruiting.
• Profiling and Sourcing.
• Qualify Submission of Candidate Shortlist.
• Interviews, Selection and Offer.
Retained engagements, by their very nature, require close
coordination between you and the selection process and
will require a commitment of time and resources.
• Partial Contingency “Retingency” Recruiting.

The “retingency” engagement is similar in structure to a traditional contingency search; however, the initial retainer (typically no more than 25% of the total fee) is intended to ensure that both sides have an investment in the game.
This engagement is used when you have needs at the individual contributor level and may have needs from a single position to multiple hires.


When conducting recruiting engagements, we function as an extension of your staff and act as a member of your organization; we become an integral part of building your team and work closely with executives, hiring managers, other recruiters and human resource professionals.

Hiring Decision Support

Our Hiring Decision Support Tools are designed to help you when you need to:

• Select the right candidate to hire.
• Select the right person to promote.
• Assess the skills and capabilities of your current team.
• Set priorities for training and development of your current team.
• Develop individual development and management strategies.

Process Consulting

As your partner in recruiting, when you always have a place for an individual with specific background and/or expertise—SRC will maintain an ongoing file, detailing your areas of interest, and bring any candidate meeting such qualifications to your immediate attention.

If you want to know about top performers—the sales and sales management leaders—SRC provides you with quarterly mailings outlining the career history and professional accomplishments of outstanding candidates who are available to meet with you.

Our consulting expertise

• Benchmarking your top performers and creating a Hiring Model.
• Developing a comprehensive Sourcing Plan designed to get more and better-qualified candidates.
• Devising a Sourcing Strategy intended to build “brand identity” and attract the best talent available.
• Performing Capacity Planning to identify the ideal size of your recruiting organization to support your growth plans and achieve high quality hires.
• Developing your hiring team’s skills as interviewers and evaluators of quality prospects.
• Negotiating appropriate, competitive offers.
• Coaching and developing your new hires for maximum performance.
• Evaluating current “problem” staff and determining or developing their potential.

IRS and Laws

TItle VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Form SS-8 Determination of Worker Status (PDF file)

Summary of 17 Point Check List For Independent Contractor and Employee Status