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HIRE: First Fire

HIRE: First Fire

Is there that one person on your team that causes more stress to you than all the rest combined? The one that continually needs checking up on? Or maybe the one that is just the “weak link”?

It might be time to say “adios” to the ones sucking time and life from you and your business.  They might be productive, but at what? Carrying out the mission and vision of the business or productive at planning the next office happy hour meet up?

It’s never easy to decide when is right to let the ones you originally hired go. Business owners will go to every extreme to ensure they don’t bring on the wrong hire in the first place, but perhaps good hiring actually starts with smart firing.

These two people should be nixed ASAP from your office:

1. The Avoider

Conflict is inevitable in any situation that multiple human beings with multiple personalities and opinions are present.  Conflict comes and goes – it can refine us and build our awareness and ability to develop if handled correctly.

The one in your business that flies out the door to a sudden doctor’s appointment or work meeting at the rise of potential conflict is the avoider.  Starting to get a gage for who this may be in your office?

Conflict resolution takes a time to learn. If hiring millennials they may need extra coaching for what’s the best way to handle themselves and others on a daily basis- so offer it. But after a period of grace, it might be time to let the avoider go if they cannot grow through and develop the ability to handle and resolve a conflict.

 2. Mr. & Mrs. Drama

Need we say more? Did their dog die for the 10th time this year and that’s why they’re late to the staff meeting, again? Did the Starbucks barista flop their late causing a bad attitude all through the morning?  The drama has to go.

If you’ve yet to have Mr. or Mrs. Drama then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. But brace for it, they will come.  They will believe their daily life is E’s newest reality TV show and all other co-workers are their petty extras in the cast.  You’ll see after time they are the source of gossip, arguments and a general force for breaking down the team you’ve worked endlessly to build.

Cut the drama. Cut the lack of productivity. Cut the useless time spent solving a crisis.

Employee management can be a full-time job all in itself, let alone trying to run your business.  Hire right, but know when it’s right to fire off too.

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