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Sales AE Medical MfG – Job Opening

Sales AE Medical MfG

Primary Industry Medical
Company Size Small-< 100 employees
Company Information My client is a dynamic, highly automated manufacturer of medical devices and assembly- positioned for rapid growth in the fast-paced evolving medical device industry. The ideal candidate will lead a highly motivated company to find, develop and close new business opportunities. You will also be responsible for helping my client to the next level of growth with strong business development initiatives. While wearing many hats, you will report directly to the President of and work side by side with him in the growth of the company.
Territory Chicagoland
City Chicago Area
State Illinois [IL]
Position Sales AE Medical Mfg
Job Description If you’re looking for an opportunity with substantial upside in income potential and career advancement, then this is an excellent opportunity. The position will allow the candidate of choice to contribute to a company’s rapid growth and have an opportunity to be embedded in the culture of living it and building it.
Our client will be providing a financially stable organization, a proven business model, and existing infrastructure, offering an attractive compensation and benefits package, to include base salary, commission, car allowance and benefits such as medical/dental/vision options, 401K plans,
Required Knowledge/ Experience Experience
• 3-5+ years business development expertise
• Charismatic, likable personality
• Sales experience
• Outstanding at value add selling skills
• Executive presence & entrepreneurial spirit
• Strong leadership capabilities
• High level of initiative and self-motivation
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a broad range of individuals
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
Yrs Experience 6-7 year
Degree Required 4 Year
Compensation Structure Base Salary & Comm.

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Boredom: Fight It One Sales Pitch At a Time


Fight It One Sales Pitch at a Time

Reflect on the past 5 to 10 years of life. Boredom? Maybe. The most exhausting seasons of life are often submerged in complete boredom driving you to more tiredness and lack of satisfaction from day to day.  Boredom hits us all – from CEO to hourly paid parking attendants. We can’t avoid it, but we can work to overcome it.

Bored employees are less productive – “well DUH!” you exclaim. But beyond killing productivity, the work quality decreases and business is dragged down one by one – the bored employees are killing numbers, goals, and success. If we cannot erase boredom from our lives, we must focus on overcoming it.  As the CEO or parking lot attendant, boredom must be overcome for success.

We frequently work with sales managers. Hiring top candidates that drive the business forward. Sales Recruiters, Inc. represents the strongest sales talent in a number of verticals.

We’ve seen the best and the worst of candidates plagued by boredom and the ones successfully able to lead teams out of it.

Our years of experience has given us the ability to stay ahead of our competition through knowledge and adaptability.

Also over our years of experience, here’s what drive sales managers out of boredom and into success.

Go Big.

Is the wage high enough to make your heart beat a little faster? If not, what’s the point really? Develop sales plans and pitches that get your blood pumping and emotions excited for the potential partnership with each new business or client.

Fight For Closure.

In sales, closure is everything.  Give the perfect sales pitch and follow up. Do whatever it takes to get the deal.  Boredom comes when you give up time and time again on a potential deal.  Close. Close. Close. Find deep inside the extreme desire and drive to see sales deals close.

Seek Creativity.

Is your sales pitch boring all in itself? Perhaps you’re boring attitude and the outlook is spilling over into your pitch with potential clients.  Evaluate. Practice the pitch. Develop ways to keep listeners engaged and interest spiked.  Whatever it takes – be sure to incorporate creativity into every sales pitch.  Connecting with each client on a personal level through a quote, example, sports reference, compelling story, etc. will keep you top of mind after the pitch is long over.

Find Newness.

When clients have heard the same pitch over and over, they too become bored. When as a sales manager you grow bored of the industry it’s time to research and develop a new sense of wonder for what you do.

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Attitudes That Flop The Job Search

Attitudes That Flop The Job Search

1.  The “I’ll Never Find a Job” attitude is obvious in its negative nature, but a negative attitude while job searching is going to lead you nowhere but to throwing a pity party for yourself.

Continually telling yourself, you cannot find a job is going to reduce your motivation in searching. Essentially you determine your own outcome, so think positive and keep encouraging yourself until you find new employment.

2.  The “I don’t care what kind of job it is, I just need a job” attitude comes from those who apply for every open job. This is not an effective job search and rarely leads to results.  You are often wasting your time applying for a job you might not even be skilled for or have the qualifications to complete. Read the job outline in its entirety and apply only for positions that will challenge you and that you will be able to succeed at.

3. Refusing to put forth effort in searching and claiming, “jobs just come” doesn’t result in many interviews. For some people, they have never had to create a resume or interview for a job until later in life. Lucky for them previously having an easy find and hire, but now the search is on. Don’t assume something will “come your way” or “fall into your lap” — you need to spend time creating or editing your resume and ensuring it is top quality. Those who seek often find, so start searching for a job rather than assuming it will just come.

4. The “I should be the boss” attitude is always a sure way to keep yourself jobless. Sure you might have the skills, experience, and knowledge to be the boss, but it’s ok to be the employee too! You might just learn to love working with others and being part of a great team. Be open to accepting a position that is less of a leadership role if you feel you could enjoy the position and it has great potential!

5. Before you even have a new job, avoid being the “I don’t care about working or what happens to the company” employee. Recruiters and employers alike can quickly separate those in an interview who are excited and ready to work their hardest and succeed.

Your attitude towards a job is going to make or break an offer.

Employers see and talk with tons of potential candidates and it is easy to pick out those who want to work hard, be punctual and achieve high goals.

It might be reasonable to consider talking with a friend or mentor about your negative feelings in searching for a new job, you’re not the only one who has ever felt this way.

Sometimes processing through your emotions leads to a great outcome and change of attitude.

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