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Attitudes That Flop The Job Search

Attitudes That Flop The Job Search

1.  The “I’ll Never Find a Job” attitude is obvious in its negative nature, but a negative attitude while job searching is going to lead you nowhere but to throwing a pity party for yourself.

Continually telling yourself, you cannot find a job is going to reduce your motivation in searching. Essentially you determine your own outcome, so think positive and keep encouraging yourself until you find new employment.

2.  The “I don’t care what kind of job it is, I just need a job” attitude comes from those who apply for every open job. This is not an effective job search and rarely leads to results.  You are often wasting your time applying for a job you might not even be skilled for or have the qualifications to complete. Read the job outline in its entirety and apply only for positions that will challenge you and that you will be able to succeed at.

3. Refusing to put forth effort in searching and claiming, “jobs just come” doesn’t result in many interviews. For some people, they have never had to create a resume or interview for a job until later in life. Lucky for them previously having an easy find and hire, but now the search is on. Don’t assume something will “come your way” or “fall into your lap” — you need to spend time creating or editing your resume and ensuring it is top quality. Those who seek often find, so start searching for a job rather than assuming it will just come.

4. The “I should be the boss” attitude is always a sure way to keep yourself jobless. Sure you might have the skills, experience, and knowledge to be the boss, but it’s ok to be the employee too! You might just learn to love working with others and being part of a great team. Be open to accepting a position that is less of a leadership role if you feel you could enjoy the position and it has great potential!

5. Before you even have a new job, avoid being the “I don’t care about working or what happens to the company” employee. Recruiters and employers alike can quickly separate those in an interview who are excited and ready to work their hardest and succeed.

Your attitude towards a job is going to make or break an offer.

Employers see and talk with tons of potential candidates and it is easy to pick out those who want to work hard, be punctual and achieve high goals.

It might be reasonable to consider talking with a friend or mentor about your negative feelings in searching for a new job, you’re not the only one who has ever felt this way.

Sometimes processing through your emotions leads to a great outcome and change of attitude.

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Sales Recruiters Chicago

JOB OPENING: Account Manager

We are seeking an “Outside B2B sales person working from a home based position.
 This is not a new position*  You would be taking over an existing territory/position/clients that have been groomed and maintained by a great sales person setting up clients for 8 years.The successful candidate will be motivated, focused sales individual to grow to exist clients that prospect new business and develop long-term client relationships. Must be a self-starter, organized, superior hunting skills as well as being able to cultivate and maintain a long-term relationship. Lucrative commission and incentive package. Industry experience a plus but not necessary.

The primary objective of this position is to provide a consultative approach to help prospects find solutions to their exhibiting problems. The Business Development Representative will target sales and marketing leaders within the Chicago area.

We sell our products through resellers.

Maintain and open new Resellers focusing on Event Marketing agencies, maintain, train and grow business with these new resellers

Identify potential new resellers, call and qualify, visit and show products, sign up a new reseller, sell demo equipment, train reseller, grow the business and maintain existing business.

You will be calling on Wide format printers, tradeshow houses, display dealers, ad agencies, event marketing companies,

Follow up on leads and convert to prospects, Convert prospects to resellers, Maintain a list of larger open opportunities.

All of these activities are documented and tracked through

Company Size Small-< 100 employees
Company Information Our client is one of the world leading providers of portable displays such as roll ups, retractable displays, banner stands, banner displays, pop ups, brochure stands, combined counters and transport boxes and much more. With nine offices in seven countries serving over 3300 dealers in 61 countries, they are providing hundreds of thousands of corporate users with high-quality media displays. Internationally, they have made and sold over one million displays used by companies, non-profit organizations and government entities around the world.
Territory Chicago IL
Position Account Manager
Job Description
Required Knowledge/ Experience Hunter Mentality, Has the discipline and ability necessary to find opportunities that result in sales.
.Consultative Approach: Capable of providing client-focused product and service solutions, which lead to long-term alliances with end customers.
.Curious Nature: Seeks knowledge and experience through effective question and answer dialogues in order to deal more effectively with clients.
.Self-starter: Shows initiative and responsibility for their own success through daily activity leading to sales success while supporting the overall vision and strategy of the organization.
.Achiever: Persistent in pursuing goals and expectations. Focus on delivering outstanding service, increasing business, and providing increased value to customers.
.Active listening to prospects and clients to thoroughly understand their needs
.Communication Versatile: Skilled in interacting with all types of individuals, using all forms of communication.
.Strong orientation and focus toward the customer: Always striving to uncover more and better ways to improve customer service, value, and satisfaction.
.Demonstrated high level of professionalism: Always exercises common sense and good judgment in various situations while making decisions.Our benefits in summary form are as follows:
After successful completion of an employee’s first 90 days of employment, they are eligible for benefits.
We pay 75% of an individual’s medical benefits.
We pay up to $25 a month towards Dental coverage ( the Top plan is $31.71 currently).
We offer a vision plan but the company does not pay towards it (current plan is $6.50 monthly).
The company pays for a $10,000 life insurance policy, others are available at additional cost to employee (rates vary).
Company pays for LTD 50% $1K -180
Short term disability available at cost to employee (rates vary).
Flexible spending account (FSA) is available at full cost to the employee.
There is a 401K plan in which the company matches up to 4% of the yearly allowed limit. You are fully vested from day 1.
After 6 months of employment, the employee is eligible for 1-week vacation.
After 12 months of employment, the employee is eligible for 2 weeks vacation.
There are 5 sick/personal days allowed per year.
Yrs Experience 2-3 year