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What Crashes An Interview?

What Crashes An Interview?

There are numerous tips to help a potential employee make a great first impression even create a connection with the interviewer. However, these five things will create an environment so horrible your interviewer might hate you, in the end, says Catherine Conlan – Monster contributing writer.

1. Trash your former boss.

Interviewers often ask sticky questions to gauge your ability to respond appropriately. If asked about your former boss or manager keep your response professional. Don’t always jump to the negative. Conlan warns, “watch for trick questions.”

2. Fixate on Company Change

An excellent question for an interviewer to ask is, “What would you change?” It could be related to other employees, company policy, duties, etc. This is a great opportunity to bring out your ideas. Conlan reminds, “Keep it constructive.” It is wise to wait until they ask. If you bring up things you would change about their company you seem arrogant and author Ronald Kaufman believes it shows you might be a disruptive employee. Keep your answer brief and positive. Conlan also adds, “[stress] that you don’t have all the information.”

3. Commenting on the Interviewer’s Dress

Though it is nice to tell someone ‘you look nice today’, in an interview situation it can be inappropriate. If you have just met someone in an interview, It is best to not comment on the person’s looks. Social commentary should be kept to a minimum.

4. Unfairly Criticize the Company

Cheryl Palmer, a career coach, says, “‘If you make it appear as though the organization where you are applying is not up to speed in terms of technology or that its facility is lacking, you will alienate the interviewer.’” You want the person to believe that you have a desire to be a part of the company, not that you are better than what they deserve. Find ways in the conversation to express how and why you are a good fit for the company.

5. Arrive Late

It is common practice to show up at least 10 minutes early for an interview. Being late does happen, but for an interview tardiness sometimes is not overlooked. For an interviewer, it shows disrespect and poor planning. Always arrive early. Arriving late can set a negative tone that you may not be able to recover from in the interview.

Conlan reminds, “these things do happen . . . just make sure they don’t happen to you.” Interviewers are not looking for reasons to kick you to the curb. However, you can agitate them enough that it affects your chance with the company. Avoid this five faux pas and you are already a step ahead of the competition!

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TIPS: Dress Right For Your First Interview

TIPS: Dress Right For Your First Interview

Congrats – you have landed an interview!

Now What?

It is important to dress for success and make a positive first impression that will last.   Many times people ask “does your appearance really impact getting the job or not?” And the answer is, “YES”.  The first impression on a recruiter conducting an interview will mean a lot.  It is essential to look your best when introducing yourself for the first time.

When deciding what to wear it is always best to choose a conservative outfit, dressing modest and professional is important. Dressing conservatively shows you are making an effort, you do not want to offend and also conservative dress shows how you are polite and respectful.  If you walk into an interview with pants sagging below your waist or a skirt so tight and short you are barely able to take a seat- that leaves an impression, and not a good one.

It is also of essence to ensure you dress one or two levels up.  A good “rule of thumb” is to dress one or two levels nicer than the position you are interviewing for.  Unless told otherwise always wear a suit for the first interview.  It is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

Avoid bright colors or large prints that will distract.  The reason for an interview is for the recruiter to gain an understanding of who you are and what talents you possess.  Wearing clothing that is edgy, brightly colored or distracting will take away from showcasing your abilities for this position.

Don’t leave out details of your attire.  Often times candidates will put all focus on the clothes they wear and forget about accessories and details to complete their personal visual resume.  It is never appropriate to carry a backpack or fanny pack instead of a briefcase or portfolio to an interview.  Likewise, don’t forget to comb your hair and for the ladies, pin it back!  Remember to account for all details and complete your look from top to bottom before the interview.


Additional tips to remember when dressing for an interview:

  • Go light on perfumes, aftershaves, and colognes.  It is never good to distract the recruiter with an overwhelming smell- good or bad!
  • Cover all tattoos or extra piercing.
  • Socks and hose need to match your shoes.  Don’t show up like you threw on what was clean that morning.  Likewise, ensure your belt and shoe match.
  • Remove sunglasses from the top of your head before walking into the interview.
  • Iron your clothing! If the interview is late in the day, try and change into a fresh suit to ensure a crisp look!
  • Clean up your fingernails.  No one wants to see chipped off nail polish for the ladies, or unclean nails for the guys.
  • Avoid denim- whether it is pants, jackets or shirts do not wear denim to an interview.